3 On Page SEO Techniques That Work

On-page optimization is as important as off-page SEO. As you focus on ensuring that your website ranks high among search results, you also should focus on the content that you place on your web pages. The problem is that most people, including the experts, often miss the point when it comes to optimizing a page. They seem to focus too much on complex factors while ignoring the smaller ones that are likely to make a big difference. If you have been stuck with the optimization of your pages, try the following on page SEO technique.

Effective on-page SEO techniques

Optimizing the titles

3rt45y76thrgA title should be unique and interesting. It determines whether the reader will go on reading the content or move to another page. This is the reason you have to optimize your titles. Make sure that the titles indicate what the reader is going to find on that page, and give them a reason to read on. Titles should contain your main keywords and serve as an anchor to the reader. Although you may be tempted to make them too long so as to include every detail, statistic shows that shorter titles are likely to entice someone that long ones.

Using meta tags and descriptions as on page SEO techniques

It is common to find web pages that do not have meta descriptions. People either forget to include them, or they just do not realize how important they are. The description will be used in your search results and therefore, it is what the visitor will follow when looking for information. Because of this, you need to ensure that the description includes your keywords, and reflect what the reader is likely to find. Meta tags are simple sets of keywords that relate to the story and which can be tagged along so as to increase your visibility in the search results. With such, a person who is searching for keywords that are found in your tags will be likely to land on your website even if you have not used the words in the main content.

Using images and videos

Images can be used to break the boring chunk of text and make your site more readable. Because of this, visitors are likely to spend more time reading your content and clicking through your pages. What you may not know is that every image that you upload on your website has a title. Therefore, you should treat them just the same way you treat the main titles to your stories. Be sure to choose images and videos that are unique.

In a nutshell, on page search engine optimization techniques can only work if they are properly executed. You also should be careful with the density of your keywords. If the density is too low, your site will hardly be visible. On the other hand, a density that is too high could get you into trouble with the search engines. Just be moderate and know how to choose the right keywords. Since there are online tools that can help you to research keywords, your job should be an easy one.