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Mason Related Study Guides

Unsung Americans: USS Mason
developed by the African American Studies Program
Philadelphia Public Schools

Study Guide
Proud the Movie

Many pages on the site have "Further Reading" Links. Here they are, all in one location.

Brave and Gallant Soldiers: African Americans and the Continental Army
Robert Smalls
Black Men in Navy Blue During the Civil War
The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow
Lena Horne

Mary Blackford and the Female Antislavery Petition Campaign in Fredericksburg
Destroyer Escort Sailors Association
Boston National Historical Park (formerly Boston Navy Yard)
Mary McLeod Bethune and opportunities for African Americans in the Armed Forces

The Ordeal of Convoy Ny 119 by Charles Dana Gibson
Navy’s first black crew proves heroic during storm Stars & Stripes
Belfast During the Second World War Photo Gallery
PBS profile of Atlanta Daily World Founding Editor William Alexander Scott II
World War II: History in the Key of Jazz

More Projects

Jazz and World War II: A Rally to Resistance, A Catalyst for Victory
National Endowment for the Humanities Lesson Plan

The Port Chicago Disaster
Developed to compliment the educational resources of the Contra Costa County Office of Education
Pleasant Hill, CA

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